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This blog is a relatively day by day, relatively detailed account of my use of Chris Carpenter's book, GoogleCash. My goals for this month (and this phase) are to have two profitable campaigns-- one of them profitable on a daily basis. Also, I want to be in the black on my entire investment so far. I am determined to stick it out and make Google Cash work for me, and I'm gaining confidence in Chris Carpenter's GoogleCash system. If you are interested in Chris' book, a burgeoning legend, click on this picture:

Saturday May 7        Officially in the black on all aspects (and making profits on a steady basis):

                                        Costs:                                                                                           Profits:

                                       Google AdWords (to date) $256.39                                        Commission Junction:    $119.37

                                       Google Penalty                    $10                                                Clickbank:                        $196.97

                                        GoogleCash                        $49.50

                                        TOTAL Profits:               $315.89                                        TOTAL Profits:         $316.34


Thursday April 14 Sales coming in slowly and slowly catching up to my overall investment in this project.


Sunday April 3 We have definitely turned another corner in converting ideas into money. I've set up a new campaign that actually racked up a sale on its first click, and a few others are still profitable, too. 


A highly appropriate goal for this month is to come up with a serious, major campaign/ money maker.


Friday April 1 I have had it with this business.  I quit!  I'm only keeding! (see date)  No, seriously, I am very close to being back in the black.  Other things are going pretty well, too, though, so I have not spent a lot of time on Google cash/Ad Words. 


Tuesday March 28 I have had a campaign go nuts with clicks( due to too many keywords that were not on topic).  I've actually lost money this weekend-- not good.


I have also suspended a campaign on watches (campaign #15) figuring that if the numbers do not play out (1 sale out of a hundred clicks) then I should suspend it for good.  I'll give it five days or so....