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This is a guide to downloading music legally-- from someone who knows a lot about downloading music legally, who has done some illegal and legal music downloading and has thought a lot about downloading music legally and illegally and all the issues involved. I have been using the internet to download music for nearly ten years now. In fact, I bought my first big computer system when I saw Napster in action and realized how easy and convenient  it was (in so many ways beyond the fact that it was free) to download music, legally or other.

On the whole, I encourage you to download music. Never forget, though, that artists do need your support and there is no way they can keep making music if there is no paying market.  A lot of times I do download music then go out and buy the CD if I think the artist and producers have made a good effort.

There are three categories of online music services, and there are three very good services in each category.  These three excellent services on the internet that allow you to download music legally or to get music for free are:

Napter, Try it for FREE!                                #2





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