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These are some case studies of SEO work from 2008. From looking around at companies struggling with trying to get their sites visible or more visible, it just seems that they are simply too busy with their core business to figure out SEO. Search engine optimization is work, pure and simple.

Below are case studies of our recent work.

B2C website: SEO augmentation

Case: the website received about 10,000 visitors per month, based on some seminal (and nominal) SEO work that had been done over the years.

Result: more than doubled Google traffic within six months.



Factors that contributed to success: smart movement down the long tail of keywords available for this site, revision of metatags, continued exploration of partnerships, age and trust of the site, other subtleties.


B2B website: SEO rehabilitation

Case: small traffic term for highly targeted terms from a small but very invested audience. The site's owners had built a good website with good content but did not know how to develop SEO understanding to leverage worthwhile search traffic.

Result: we also doubled traffic for this site but importantly we showed the site's owners how to bring in people searching for the right terms. This growth in traffic from important and relevant terms is shown in the image below:



Factors: strong content already in place, more new strong content added, SEO tweaks galore - but all white hat, targeting of terms best suited to garner appropriate traffic, numerous subtleties.


B2C site: new website launch with integral search strategy

Case: launch of a site targeting those searching for "retirement homes." Below is the Google Analytics™ traffic report.

Result: traffic grew steadily due to integrity of the content creation. The big jump in November was due to some smart SEO tweaking. After six months (as of November 2008), the site is already page two in Google, seemingly having sidestepped "the sandbox effect."



Factors: well written, informative site with a database of articles and other worthwhile content, smart optimization from the ground up, some old backlinks from "a previous life."

These are just a few recent examples of many pages that rank very well (page one or two in Google).

Other cases:

  • Google "gourmet foods". is page one Google. see image
  • Google "wheel chairs"., (featuring a column by my niece, too) is page one in Google. see image
  • Google "luxury watches", and is #1. see image

Strong Words™ search engine optimization is all about helping you grow your business in the right direction: that means upward and outward and honestly, in a way that is only going to continue to pay dividends down the line and will never hurt you or backfire in any way.

If that approach sounds good to you, call me or email me.