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Blog Discontinuated-- Too Busy

In the meantime.... some movies:

The Dubyamovie. Watch it twice-- once to appreciate the editing and once to remember how funny Don Knotts was.

Conan O'Brien tries out for the Leafs. Yeah, it's funny.

Click on 'Black Tambourine', link under "Songs and Videos"-- if you think music videos are a dead art form. Check out "Girl," too

Napoleon Dynamite's Top Ten Signs You're Not the Most Popular Guy in High School

Jim Carrey on SNL-- Lifeguard on Duty (with Will Ferrell)

The Tragically Hip live at The Mod Club. The crowd sucks, but the band, of course, does not. GD is a bit sedate, though.

The Sponge Zone SpongeBob-Crazy video archive

Rolling Stone music video archive


...check out some favourite links: -- weekly PhotoShop contests: lots of fun, occasionally very cool

Lost, on Filmfodder

The finest rock band of all time

Have fun with ESPN's virtual oddcaster. Kevin Williams' rich, marvelous library of resources on spirituality (superbly designed, too)

The greatest Leaf of all time-- born in Kitchener, Ontario, too, let's add Jim Huinink's family:

Download music and movies legally.

Make money with GoogleCash.




One last indulgence:  Is this what good Ol' George Dubya really thinks of the American people?  *Warning- this is disturbing and unretouched.