In 2009-10, I worked on a variety of content and SEO projects. For a handful of websites or companies, I provided small expert consultations; I turned down many others or gave people some cursory (and free) advice.

As is predictable, the real successes in search strategy and content development resulted from a concerted effort based on sound principles and strategy. When you invest in website development wisely and continually build out good content that incorporates a solid understanding of search engine strategy along with social media engagement, video and other relevant content pieces, you are guaranteed to grow steadily.

That is, you're very likely to open your Google Analytics dashboard and regularly see nothing but green arrows - like the (actual) screen cap at right.

A variety of Internet strategy and SEO successes

The following outlines a variety of successful projects and implementations recently (2009-2010). Projects here both applied and increased my experience in website traffic development.

Classic search engine growth

During the summer, I took on a client who had a base of search traffic but was employing an SEO company that was doing nothing for their growth (which had flatlined). After they fired that company and hired me, I got to work. Predictably, within six months, we saw their organic search engine traffic double.


Factors that contributed to success: close consult with the site's developer to implement a proper site architecture and then building on that, with long tail content that met the site's users with the terms they were searching for.

Transition to new design, layout and added features

So many website owners think that the best way to redesign or update a website is to redo everything from scratch. Then they are devastated to lose all their search engine traffic. Over the summer and fall of 2009, I oversaw a major redesign for a website with tens of thousands of pages and a limited staff. We broke out the redesign into two phases, launching one significant section in September and the second in December. Not only did we not lose any traffic, we gained significantly, thanks to improving the navigation and various other aspects of the architecture and user experience. Once changes percolated through Google's infrastructure, we reaped the reward of increased traffic - by as much as 60%.


Factors that contributed to success: sound strategy of keeping everything that we knew was helping the site and improving user experience.

Steady, continued growth (in a shaky, shrinking economy)

For a site in an industry that - like many - was adversely affected by a tightening economy, I increased traffic by continually adding new content that was relevant to the site's (albeit cautious) market.


Factors that contributed to success: steadily building relevant content.

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